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Deep Sky Objects

Name/DesignationRight AscensionDeclinationTypeMagnitudeSizeDistanceDate LocationInstrumentEyepieceFilterNotes
IC475618:39.0+05 27Open Cluster4.652'1.3KLYSeptember 27 2006Jerrara Dam 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian32mmSWALarge and scattered and fairly loose. An 'M'-shaped group of stars lies within the cluster.
NGC5904; M515:18.6+02 05Globular Cluster5.817'23.5KLYJune 7 1997 Mt Keira250mm f5.6 Dobsonian26mmPlossl/6.3mmPlosslVery bright centre and 'arms' of stars radiating outwards. Bright star in the field at low power.
NGC592115:21.9+05 04Galaxy10.84.9'x4.2'65MLYJuly 18 2009Culburra 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian32mmSWA/9mmNaglerFairly easy to pick in a sparse field. Sits at the N end of an arc of four stars stretching south. A bright field star to the E.
NGC653518:03.8-00 18Globular Cluster10.63.6'36KLYAug 6 2005Cordeaux 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian20mmWAQuite large and easy to seebut unresolved. Seems to have a concentration of stars at one edge.
NGC653918:04.8-07 35Globular Cluster9.66.9'7.5KLYAug 7 2004Jerrara Dam 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian13.8mmSWALarge and fairly faint. Unresolved. Fairly even in brightness for a glob. Triangle of faint stars lies just west.
NGC660418:18.0-12 15Open Cluster6.55.5KLYAug 6 2005Cordeaux 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian20mmWALumicon UHCLarge and Loose Cluster. Could not pick the associated nebulosity.
Earth, Sky & Sea Constellations