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Deep Sky Objects

Name/DesignationRight AscensionDeclinationTypeMagnitudeSizeDistanceDate LocationInstrumentEyepieceFilterNotes
NGC281809:16.0-36 37Open Cluster and Nebulosity8.29'10KLYMay 19 2007 Belanglo250mm f5.6 Dobsonian20mmSWAUHCFantastic. The nebulous region is obvious, as is NGC2818A.
NGC2818A09:16.0-36 38Planetary Nebula11.638"10.4KLYMay 19 2007 Belanglo250mm f5.6 Dobsonian20mmSWAUHCThe planetary nebula within NGC2818 is obvious without any filter but the UHC makes it really stand out. Large and solid in appearance.
Earth, Sky & Sea Constellations