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Deep Sky Objects

Name/DesignationRight AscensionDeclinationTypeMagnitudeSizeDistanceDate LocationInstrumentEyepieceFilterNotes
Collinder29215:50.8-57 39Open cluster7.915'2 July 2019 Culburra400mm f4.5Dobsonian26mmQXLarge and moderatley rich.
Lynga415:33.3-55 14Open cluster11.43.0'2 July 2019 Culburra400mm f4.5Dobsonian26mmQXCould just make out a faint knot of a few stars. Higher magnification didn't enhance the view.
NGC592515:27.7-54 31Open cluster8.415'2 July 2019 Culburra400mm f4.5Dobsonian26mmQXFairly rich cluster stands out well in the field.
NGC594615:35.5-50 40Globular cluster9.67.1'31KLY22 July 2000 Cataract250mm f5.6dobsonian9.7mmSPWithin a little over a degree north of NGC5927 is a small but still distinct cluster. Field star on W edge.
NGC594615:35.5-50 40Globular cluster9.67.1'31KLY19 May 2001 Kangaloon250mm f5.6dobsonian32mmSWANearby NGC5927 in Lupus but smaller and harder to pick in a rich field.
NGC594615:35.5-50 40Globular cluster9.67.1'31KLY2 July 2019 Culburra400mm f4.5Dobsonian26mmQX/13.8mmSWASmall and stands out in a rich field. No reolution with higher magnification. A prominent field star lies just off the W edge.
NGC599915:52.2-56 28Open cluster9.0p5.0'2 July 2019 Culburra400mm f4.5Dobsonian13.8mmSWAQuite rich cluster in a pointed shape reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower, pointing N
NGC600515:55.8-57 27Open cluster10.73.0'2 July 2019 Culburra400mm f4.5Dobsonian13.8mmSWASmall, hazy cluster with two bright field stars lying N, rather like cats eyes.
NGC606716:13.2-54 13Open Cluster5.613.0'6.9KLY10 August 2002 Jerrara Dam250mm f5.6 Dob32mmSWALarge but quite rich. Reddish stars and a nice close double at about the centre. A good visual cluster! [June 16 2020, Farmborough Heights: 32mm SWA: obvious compression of stars; a little misty. 8-24mm: resolves into quite a rich cluster. At the centre is a red-orange binary pair reolved at 24mm. Cluster more than half fills the field at 8mm]
NGC608716:18.9-57 54Open Cluster5.412.0'2.9KLY10 August 2002 Jerrara Dam250mm f5.6 Dob32mmSWALarge but relatively poor. A bright orange probable field star lies at about the centre
NGC613416:27.7-49 09Open Cluster7.27'2.6KLYApril 14 2007 Belanglo250mm f5.6 Dob32mmSWAQuite a large, rich cluster.
NGC6164/516:34.0-48 06Nebula6'x3'August 11 2007 Belanglo250mm f5.6 Dob13.8mmSWAUHCElongated nebula. The SE part ends in a concentrated patch of nebulosity.
NGC616716:34.4-49 36Open Cluster6.78'2.6KLYApril 14 2007 Belanglo250mm f5.6 Dob32mmSWALarge and fairly rich cluster. A few bright field stars in the field.
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