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The Unicorn

Deep Sky Objects

Name/DesignationRight AscensionDeclinationTypeMagnitudeSizeDistanceDate LocationInstrumentEyepieceFilterNotes
NGC2264;Christmas Tree Cluster; Cone Nebula06:41.1+09 53Open Cluster and Nebula3.935'x15'2.4KLY February 21 1998Mt Keira250mm f5.6 Dobsonian26mmPlosslUHCCluster with bright 15 Monocerus appears to 'sparkle' slightly. With the UHC there is a definite nebulous haze and the faint partner to 15 Monocerus is distinctlt red. Cluster is open and sparse, spread over 3/4 of the field. Patchy nebulosity in the region.
NGC2323; M5007:03.2-08 20Open Cluster5.916'3KLYApril 5 1997Mt Keira 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian26mmPlosslLarge and loose cluster.
Earth, Sky & Sea Constellations