Earth, Sky & Sea Constellations


The Swan

Deep Sky Objects

Name/DesignationRight AscensionDeclinationTypeMagnitudeSizeDistanceDate LocationInstrumentEyepieceFilterNotes
NGC6913/M2920:23.9+38 32Open Cluster6.67.0'4KLYSeptember 8 2001Kangaloon 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian32mmSWAA very boring looking clutser. A rectangle of stars with a few ouliers.
NGC7092/M3921:32.2+48 26Open Cluster4.632.0'800LYSeptember 8 2001Kangaloon 250mm f5.6 Dobsonian32mmSWALarge, bright but poor cluster. Very low on the northern horizon.
Earth, Sky & Sea Constellations