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The Charioteer

Deep Sky Objects

Name/DesignationRight AscensionDeclinationTypeMagnitudeSizeDistanceDate LocationInstrumentEyepieceFilterNotes
NGC190705:28.0+35 19Open Cluster8.27.04.5KLYJune 15 1999 Wiruna250mm f5.6 Dobsonian6.3mm PlosslJust on the southern edge of NGC1912. Small cluster in line with 2 bright field stars. High power shows a flattened pentagon of stars and a couple of outliers.
NGC1912; M3805:28.7+35 50Open Cluster6.421.02.8KLYJune 15 1999 Wiruna250mm f5.6 Dobsonian26mm PlosslLarge and medium to loose.
NGC1960; M3605:36.1+34 08Open Cluster6.012.03.7KLYJune 15 1999 Wiruna250mm f5.6 Dobsonian26mm PlosslAbout 0.5 degree across. Medium in richness. I tend to see a figure of a small running man. Quadrangle of stars at about the 'stomach' position. [Also observed December 12 1998]
NGC2099; M3705:52.4+31 33Open Cluster5.624.03.6KLYJune 15 1999 Wiruna250mm f5.6 Dobsonian26mm PlosslVery large and rich. Main round group of stars about 0.5 degree across. A star with an orange hue almost dead centre. [Also observed December 12 1998]
Earth, Sky & Sea Constellations