Andrew Wood's Earth, Sky & Sea

The pages of this website are my collection. Many of us have a predilection for collecting things we find interesting and enjoyable, and these collections are usually physical. In my case I've been an amateur astronomer since my teenage years and have often kept mostly written records of the celestial objects I've seen. Having become a mid to late life birder, I've also taken hundreds of photos of bird species. Along the way, being generally interested in nature, I've also recorded other fauna and flora that happened to be around; and of course the surrounding landscapes. In the digital age, these photos only take up space on digital storage devices.

So on these pages you'll find my digital collection of what interests me, which is essentially the tiny speck of our home planet and what lies beyond it in our seemingly infinite universe*. The site is a constant work in progress. There is much I still have to add and hopefully more to collect and add in whatever time I have remaining.

The Photos

The images on this site are simply a record. They have been taken with a range of cameras, none of them high end. Over time I've used better cameras and improved my technique; though I have no ambition to be an award-winning photographer. Any photo that identifies the subject is included. Some of them are reasonable images, many not very good, and some pretty bad. Nevertheless, I retain the copyright. If you happen to find an image on this site you'd like to use, send me an email.

Also feel free to contact me if you find any mistakes, including typographic errors, errors in species identification or taxonomic classification, broken links or photos not loading; or for any other reason regarding anything on the site.

Andrew Wood

Wollongong, Dharawal country, New South Wales, Australia

December 2019

*The universe as we now know from the work of professional cosmologists and astronomers is in fact finite with a beginning and one day an end. Nevertheless, in any human lifetime using amateur equipment, I can't help but think of it as infinite for all practical purposes. As much as it is fascinating, we're destined to see only a tiny fraction. And let's protect our tiny planet so the fascination can grow and continue.

Earth, Sky & Sea